Explore the statues and monuments in our cities

Statua is an app that helps you to discover the statues and monuments that are spread throughout our cities.

Heroes and villains, winners and losers, ancient and modern. Who are the people immortalised on our streets, and who is conspicuous in their absence?

The app is currently in beta, and so there may be issues while we build. Please let me know what you think!

Open Statua
Open Statua

How It Works

Browse statues in each area of London (other cities coming soon!), read about the historical figures and groups, and discover connections you never knew existed.

View Statues & Monuments

Browse the statues and monuments on our streets, and add new photos when you find one new.

Map View

View all the statues in an area, to easily track down those worth visiting.

Learn More

Read about the historical figures, and the connections between them.