Hi! My name is Sam Spurrell, welcome to The Game of Few Blog.

I'm interested in the ideas, beliefs and systems that explain why people behave the way they do. I like to read about theories and stories from philosophy, psychology, history and business which can help us understand more about people.

I use this blog to write about what I've learnt and how we can apply the ideas to our own lives.

Why is this blog called 'The Game of Few'?

One of the greatest and most under appreciated philosophers of all time was the Irish bishop, George Berkeley. He is most famous for arguing that there is no such thing as a physical world which exists independently of the minds that perceive it. This has come to be known as 'Idealism'.

What is not very well known is that he also wrote a book in 1744 about the medicinal benefits of tar water. In both cases (the tar water and the physical world), he was mostly wrong, but a fascinating thinker nonetheless. In the process of defending tar water he gives the following quote:

Truth is the cry of many, but the game of few

I chose 'The Game of Few' for this blog because it works on a number of levels. I think Berkeley was right that many do claim to pursue truth, but few actually follow through when push comes to shove. Also, I like that such a profound quote was part of a book that was so hopelessly mistaken. It's a reminder not to dismiss too quickly when we are confronted with ideas we don't like.

Finally, the word 'game' reminds me that the ideas and theories I enjoy exploring in the course of writing this blog are intended to be acted on, not merely thought about. Ideas about the way the world is and the way the world should be should have practical implications and not merely words on a page forever.

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